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Do you have a crystal ball? If no, read on... Our Services

We want to work with you to provide you with the best property management service you will ever experience! That's a tall order, but we tackle it daily!

Condominium Management

  • New Development/Developer Services/Consulting

  • Condominium Conversions

  • Consulting for Self-Managed Corporations

  • Tarion and Warranty Management

  • Heritage Conversations

  • Low-Mid-High Rise Communities

  • Townhome Communities

  • Commercial Condominiums

  • Student Condominiums

Residential Management

  • Purpose Built Residential, including Low-Mid-High Rise and Townhome Communities.

  • Individual Unit/Tenant Management

  • Landlord Consulting; includes the Landlord and Tenant Tribunal and the Residential Tenancy Act.

Commercial Management (non-condominium)

  • All Businesses! Including Medical


  • All Industries! Including Food Grade Facilities


  • Currently under portfolio; newer for Onyx is providing property management and maintenance services to Hospices.

Our service area covers South Western Ontario.

To learn more please visit

To connect directly with our team please email

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