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About Us

The owners of Onyx Property Group (OPG), Eric and Angel-Marie Reiner, are a husband-and-wife team with more than 20 years of property, project/development management, and real estate expertise.

OPG was born out of necessity. During a very successful investment-related real estate career, Eric decided it was time to dabble in property development, specifically low mid-rise multi-residential apartments. He oversaw the general contractor and all the related finances during the process. Once the project was ready for occupancy, it was time to find a property management firm.  


This, was a feat that proved difficult. 

But for Angel and Eric, this was a labour of love. After failed attempts to work with various firms, they decided to manage their properties themselves, the genesis of a full-service property management firm.  

Onyx provides client-focused, technology-driven property management services for multi-residential, commercial, industrial, and medical facilities with a coverage area of southwestern Ontario. Onyx Condo Management, a sister company to OPG, provides management services to condominium corporations. Visit to learn more.  

The focus at OPG is to find good people who are great at their craft and allow them to lead the way. Onyx has developed a team of like-minded individuals with a "roll-up-your-sleeves" mentality. All of the team members believe in Onyx and do all they can to support the organization's mission. 

Angel-Marie and Eric believe their team is their foundation. Together, they strive to provide them with a work-life balance, such as offering flexitime and ensuring property managers do not have to be on-call after hours or on weekends or holidays.


The Onyx team calls the Waterloo region home, nestled in the heart of downtown Kitchener at the corner of Ontario and King.

Co-Founder of OPG, Eric Reiner

Co-Founder of OPG, Eric Reiner

Angel and I have both been tenants and landlords of commercial and residential properties. In addition, we have built our own investment properties. In these instances, I acted as the general contractor. Angel managed the properties and was responsible for all accounting and marketing functions. This experience allowed us to have a unique expertise that serves our clients and tenants well.

Let our expertise ensure your current investments are being managed with care and commitment to your tenants. Our clients deserve a safe place to call home while they respect the property and expenses are managed. 

In future developments, we can steer you in the right direction to ensure you are making a sound decision with the growth of your capital in mind. 

Thank you to our current clients for their continued support and trust, to our vendor partners who are trusted and reliable and lastly to our team, whom, without them, Onyx would not be the success we are today.  

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