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$25,000 Donation in Kind; Because We Care

Onyx had the opportunity to provide property management services to the Hospice of Waterloo over the past year. This amazing property/building and the referral came to us through Melloul Blamey (Thanks again!).

Last week, we were contacted, and the news was shared that the Hospice needed to find ways to trim their budget due to some funding concerns.

Onyx offered to donate our management services. Monetarily this donation is over $25,000 annually. We are doing this so that the amazing nurses and support staff can be available for what matters, providing care and kindness to the patients and their loved ones. We can focus on property/preventative maintenance and after-hours emergencies.

Did you know that Hospice Locations, rely heavily on funding and donations? If you wanted to learn more about donating please email

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